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Manufacturing & Virtual Product Development (VPD)

On-Demand Webinar


How to Maximize Your Productivity using Abaqus FEA? on SGI Compute Platforms

Please join AVL Powertrain Engineering, Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA and SGI to learn about how AVL built a plan and roadmap to optimally run Abaqus software on its next generation HPC platform.

SGI provides robust solutions to workflows that involve a wide range of applications (mostly 3rd party) for multiple disciplines and are routinely run in production environment where throughput considerations are important as well as the ability to run occasional capability class problems.

We supply a complete workflow solution leveraging our Servers along with Storage products for the wide range of applications (including data management) for improved productivity, without adding complexity.

Key Solutions

·         Computational Electromagnetics

·         Computational Fluid Dynamics

·         Computational Structural Mechanics

·         Multidisciplinary Simulations


·         SGI? Technology Guide for User of Abaqus FEA? - (registration required)

·         SGI? Technology Guide for ANSYS? Mechanical Analysts (PDF)

·         SGI? Technology Guide for ANSYS? Fluent? Analysts (PDF)

·         ANSYS? on Advanced SGI? Architectures (PDF)

·         SGI? Technology Guide for CD-adapco? STAR-CCM+? Analysts (PDF)

·         MD NASTRAN? on on Advanced SGI? Architectures (PDF)

·         MSC NASTRAN? Explicit Nonlinear (SOL 700) on Advanced SGI? Architectures (PDF)

·         NX NASTRAN? on Advanced SGI? Architectures (PDF)

·         Leveraging LS-DYNA? Explicit, Implicit, Hybrid Technologies with SGI? hardware and d3VIEW? Web Portal software(PDF)

·         LS-DYNA? Implicit Hybrid Technology on Advanced SGI? Architectures (PDF)

·         Case Study: SL-Rasch GmbH - Leading Architecture Firm Accelerates Delivery of Innovative Lightweight Structures (PDF)

·         Case Study: 3M Transforms Research and Development with an Innovative Hybrid Cluster (PDF)

·         Press Release: ?KODA AUTO Selects SGI? ICE? X and SGI? UV? 2000 HPC Systems to Accelerate Automotive Innovation

·         Press Release: SGI Japan Installs Four-Screen Virtual Reality System at Komatsu for Construction Equipment Design and Development

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