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Research & Education

Customer knowledge and implementation experience allow SGI to integrate the best of scale-out and scale-up computing with proven storage management capabilities to create scientific workflow solutions that enable scientists to maximize their productivity and generate breakthrough results.

SGI provides open-systems solutions that include a complete range of technical computing and storage capabilities. The Rackable? and SGI? ICE cluster systems, andSGI? UV shared-memory systems, give customers a choice of cost-effective scale-out or scale-up solutions that, when integrated with SGI? InfiniteStorage RAID, JBOD and storage servers provide unlimited flexibility that is unique in the scientific computing industry, allowing the focus to be on science instead of the minutiae of computer system and data management.

Key Solutions

·         Multi-Disciplinary Research

·         Computational Chemistry

·         Mathematical Modeling and Statistics

·         Physical Sciences

·         Weather, Climate and Environmental Forecasting

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